Stamp of Friendship

Positions of the competition

V International art competition
«Illustration to folktale»


Special nomination 2018 – «Ukrainian folktale»



1.1. Art competition motto: “Let’s make friends, associate with each other and make our world kind and just like in fairy tales”.
1.2. Aim of the art competition:
– exposing and supporting talented children and young people;
– developing the feeling of love to folk traditions in growing generation;
– bringing closer children of different nationalities by means of the bright and funny fairy tale world where kindness always wins evil;
– developing the opportunities for creating new forms of international cooperation;
– demonstrating young artists’ figurative thinking through the genre of fairy tale and fantasy.
1.3. Subjects of the artworks:
– folktale;
– literary tale;
– fairy-tale fantasy.


2.1. Head organizer of the competition:
Kherson Educational-Aesthetic Complex «Art School».
2.2. Co-organizers of the competition:
– State methodical centre of educational establishments of Culture and Arts in Ukraine;
– Culture department of Kherson Regional State Administration;
– Culture department of Kherson town council;
– All-Ukrainian Charity Foundation of Hope and Kindness.
2.3. Partners of the competition:
– UHCL International Art Consortium (Huston University,Texas, USA);
– Rotary Club of Kherson;
– Public organization – Women’s club “Initiative”;
– Public organization “Bulgarians of Kherson”.
2.4. Organizer of the competition can draw in other sponsors and partners.


3.1. Participants of the competition can be children, teenagers and students aged from 5 to 18:
І age category – 5-10 years;
ІІ age category – 11-15 years;
ІІІ age category – 16-18 years.
3.2. The subject of the competition is participants’ artworks that are the result of their creative work, selected by the judges.
3.3. The entries should be individual creative artworks.
3.4. Demands to artworks:
– size is not limited;
– materials and techniques of the originals are not limited;
– artworks should not be designed into frames.
3.5. On the back side of the artwork there should be a label with the following information printed in English and native language:
– name of the fairy tale (mention: folk, literary tale, fantasy or special theme);
– author’s full name and surname;
– author’s age at the moment of creating the artwork;
– author’s address (it is necessary to mention the country);
– address of the educational establishment (e-mail), teacher’s name and surname;
– telephone numbers, e-mail.
3.6. Along with the artworks there should be sent quotes to the plot of the artworks, shortened texts of fairy tales in Ukrainian or English. In case of literary fairy tales, the name of the author should be mentioned.
3.7. The participant should fill in an application form on site:


4. 1. Creative approach.
4.2. Full opening of the chosen plot.
4.3. Level of mastery in chosen technique.
4.4. Artworks should be created by authors without any interference.


5.1. The competition is conducted once a two years in two steps:
І step – selection: selection of the artworks that don’t correspond to the conditions and
criteria of the competition (points 3, 4 Positions);
ІІ step – summing-up: defining laureates and winners;
The best artworks will be presented in the exhibition halls.
5.2. Artworks should be sent till 10th October, 2018 to the address:

Children’s art school,
str. Nebesnoj Sotni, 21,
Kherson, 73022, Ukraine

5.3. The works, sent after the stated date, won’t be taken into consideration.
5.4. Membership of the judges is defined by the head organizer of the
competition. Membership of the international judges consists of honored doers of arts
in Ukraine, members of National association of artists in Ukraine, Bulgaria and Czech Republic, associations of designers in Ukraine, head teachers of Kherson educational and aesthetic complex “Art school”.
5.5. December 2018 – January 2019 – announcing the winners and solemn opening of the exhibition of artworks.


6.1. According to the results of the summing-up step there should be determined laureates and winners, whose works will be exhibited in leading exhibition halls in Ukraine and beyond it.
6.2. The information about the time of the solemn ceremony of awarding the winners and laureates will be announced on the site
6.3. To the awarding ceremony the children-winners are invited with their parents, teachers, or other accompanying persons, according to the current laws.
6.4. The winners and laureates are awarded with diplomas. The winners and laureates – participants of the ceremony, are awarded with prizes. The teachers are awarded with a letter of thanks for bringing-up winners and participants of the competition.
6.5. The organizer of the art competition provides the edition of the booklet with the works of laureates and winners. The works, that take part in the competition, are not reviewed and not given back. The organizers have the right to print the reproductions of the works and use them in other projects.


7.1. Financial sources of the competition are means of organizers, partners, sponsors and other means that are not prohibited by the current law.
7.2. Financial activity connected with the organization and conducting the competition is carried out according to the current law of Ukraine.
7.3. The participants of the competition bear the whole of the expenses connected with posting artworks.
7.4. The participants of the exhibition bear the whole of the expenses connected with traveling, accommodation and meals.
7.5. The information about the competition and the way of its conducting can be found in mass media, on competition site: и в сети Интернет.

Welcome everybody to cooperation and participation in the competition!


Slipich Yuliya, Art school director,
Art school,
str. Nebesnoj Sotni, 21,
Kherson, 73022,

Tel.(fax) +38(0552)26-41-53

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